Guardian London Investments has been investing in property for over 30 years. 

Guardian London Investments Limited is one of a number of companies owned by David Ishack. These companies encompass property development, finance, renewables, and in terms of power : Solar, Wind, Waste to Energy and now Thermal. 

Transaction Excellence
GLI always works with, and has regular access to best of breed professionals, which inspires confidence, mitigates risk and underpins business plans. Each project acquired is carefully assessed for its unique relevance, and success has previously been achieved by applying specialist development and creative asset management skills to extract maximum value. This has naturally led to successful strategic investment into several Central London opportunities in Mayfair, a portfolio of asset management investments in Docklands and site assembly/development opportunities in the City of London. GLI has invested and developed projects throughout the UK, and is now primarily focused on using its experience and undoubted local and international contacts to forward sell and/or forward fund projects to enhance value, whilst maintaining a minimal downside
Exciting New Opportunities to Invest
For several years now GLI has also invested substantial resources into establishing robust long term pipelines of shovel ready Solar and Wind Turnkey development projects. These have been subjected to rigorous pre-acquisition due diligence and risk assessment processes to confirm ongoing project commitment. World class EPCs and institutionally accepted suppliers have been procured to ensure full turnkey delivery of projects, and on this basis, long standing and trusted partners have committed full support in terms for pre-acquistion funding. These efforts combined form new and prescient vistas of investment opportunity. Ultimately such projects have income generation backed by Government FITs or international corporate bilateral PPA agreements, which establish good potential for Institutional/SWF divestment. This gilt edged deliverability remains a prime focus for GLI, whilst giving comfort to investors that are increasingly seeking a clearer exit strategies.
Marriage Value of Renewables with Property
GLI fully intend to harmonise cutting edge property and renewable development/investment skills to dramatically enhance income generation and values in both areas of activity beyond their specific individual capacity. This will also naturally lead to profitable areas of innovation and first move market IP for exciting new and original property/renewable related areas of business.     

Senior Level of Attention 

David Ishack (Owner of GLI) and partners are committed to a senior of level personal attention that is consistently maintained  throughout any given project.  GLI have a reputation for integrity and excellence, and have over many years been entrusted to safely deliver enhanced returns by creating unique solutions. These attributes set GLI apart, and have been achieved by a commitment to personal attention at the highest level.

Absolute Discretion and Confidentiality

GLI and Partners are committed to complete discretion, transparency and confidentiality in all dealings with partners, investors and advisers